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More of a Gothic Romance movie than a Horror even though it does have somewhat scary and twisted moments. It’s great because it does an amazingly beautiful job at putting you in the time period. There’s just something very artistic and poetic about this feature…I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Crimson Peak

Movies | Drama

I wasn’t super impressed as I thought it fell flat. I couldn’t quite get the point of the movie other than to show the dark side of religion. Certain characters definitely use it as a weapon and a veil to hide behind while they do their dirty little deeds. The acting is great and it does leave you feeling disturbed by the end of it all. I just felt a disconnect with the storyline…maybe it’s better to have read the book beforehand.

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The Devil All the Time

Movies | Drama

I couldn’t stop watching for wanting to see what happens next?! Renee killed it in this series! She truly makes the show great cuz you just can’t get enough of her….it’s a must watch!

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Shows | Drama

I eagerly awaited the series before it came out. Episode 2 of season 1 is about my Aunt and most of the interviews are with my family done at my mother’s home. I was worried how in depth they would go and how she (Patrice) would be portrayed, etc. I was very pleased. They did an amazing job in telling her story and letting my cousin Pistol able to tell his. He’s been through a lot...and I think he really needed this.

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Unsolved Mysteries

Shows | Drama

Perfect sitcom to binge watch! Great cast and not to mention that it’s also from a right wing viewpoint for a change. No Liberals here! #comedy #cowboy #republican#sitcom

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The Ranch

Shows | Comedy

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