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Kathleen Simons



I really enjoyed this movie. Easy to watch and a true story. I love Ralph Fiennes, he's always in good movies.

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The Dig

Movies | Drama

Really good movie but reach for the Kleenex....You're gonna need lots of them.šŸ˜­

Hachi: A Dog's Tale imageHachi: A Dog's Tale image

Hachi: A Dog's Tale

Movies | Drama

Excellent Drama.

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Line of Duty

Shows | Crime

Hilarious movie and what a Cutie Ratatouille is

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Movies | Animation

Excellent drama. Obviously very well researched. If you enjoy period Dramas, it's binge worthy.

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Wolf Hall

Shows | Drama

Brilliant show. Idris is amazing in it. Wish they'd do more of them.

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Shows | Crime

Great! The Queen herself couldn't have done a better job. Helen Mirren is so convincing.

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The Queen

Movies | Drama

This was a fantastic show. The acting was so good. One of the best British Dramas I've seen.

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Happy Valley

Shows | Drama

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