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Kathleen Toblesky


Loved learning about this culture, especially the politics of Tova. The characters and their goals just make me want to know more about their motivations and experiences. The world is super interesting and it has me wanting to know more in the next book!

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Black Sun

Books | Rebecca Roanhorse

While getting a bit dramatic later on with the plot, the characters really sell this show. Skye/Daisy is a wonderful protagonist and I love her journey. FitsSimmons are adorable. Who knew they could squeeze this much out of Coulson. And don’t even get me started on May! You’ll fall in love with these guys for sure.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Shows | Drama

Great characters, great story. One thing I appreciate is him actually having a disability as well as actually getting injured without plot armor recovery. And he’s a really good lawyer!

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Marvel's Daredevil

Shows | Crime

Other than the sub-par CGI with the costume and the weird last battle, I LOVED this show. I really liked focusing on a story and characters that wasn’t tied to the big marvel cast, it helps flesh out the world. The Egyptian stuff (not just mythology) was really cool to see and experience (trying to avoid spoilers). Marc and Steven’s story and growth was wonderful to watch. The structure of the 1st episode in particular was great because of how unique it was- very confusing but in a good way!

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Moon Knight

Shows | Action & Adventure

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