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I love all books and movies. My favorite books are the PJO series and the Hp series. I love wynonna earp, 9-1-1 and other cop or funny shows. I’m on here looking for more books to read. I’m also looking for more crime shows like bones or criminal minds.


I liked this book but dont know if the rest are any good? I heard they werent as good/and are worse

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The Giver

Books | Lois Lowry

One of my favorite shows ever

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Shows | Action & Adventure

I just finished hunger games last week and have 100 pages left of catching fire. Its an amazing series Ive already read mockingjay but not the first two so i plan on rereading mockingjay to finish out the trilogy and asked for the new prequel for xmas. Any who I’m looking for more dystopian books like this excellent series.

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Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, Book 2)

Books | Suzanne Collins

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