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This series takes you on an amazing ride. The read can seem daunting because each book is so long. But within each book the writer transitions between separate, yet woven together stories about many wonderful, nuanced characters that will fascinate you and leave you rooting for them. The shifting between stories helps keep you engaged and interested throughout the full read. Although when you are excited to hear the next chapter in a favorite story, it can be hard to wait for that next chapter.

The Wheel of Time, Books 1-4 imageThe Wheel of Time, Books 1-4 image

The Wheel of Time, Books 1-4

Books | Robert Jordan

A show about how life doesn't end because you reach a certain age or because it didn't turn out quite how you expected. This show proved that life is what you make it and sometimes the best and most important relationships are those you have with your girlfriends and yourself.

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Grace and Frankie

Shows | Comedy

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