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Vivi, an author & divorced mom of 3, dies while on a run. From above, she is able to watch her kids cope while reminiscing on the past. She has 3 nudges to use to help situations. When her time watching is up, her oldest daughter is pregnant; her middle daughter was saved from being caught in an affair and getting her life back; and her son is going to college, reunited with his friend who as rumored as the one who hit Vivi, and broke up with his girlfriend, who killed Vivi in a hit & run.

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Golden Girl

Books | Elin Hilderbrand

Ellie disappeared 10 years ago. Present day, her mom, Laurel, meets a man, Floyd, who has a daughter Poppy. Ellie was taken captive by her math tutor, Noelle, and held hostage in her basement. Using artificial means of conception, N impregnates E so that her boyfriend at the time, Floyd, would appreciate her more. In a rage, N tells Floyd the baby is not his and when he puts it all together he murders N and finds L to tell her the truth. Poppy lives with her grandma, L, and F commits suicide.

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Then She Was Gone

Books | Lisa Jewell

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