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Kay Laverne



I love movies and pretty much all media


Pete really killed this movie. It’s about him so obviously he could play the role but it was just so good. I felt close to him after this and had much more respect

The King of Staten Island imageThe King of Staten Island image

The King of Staten Island

Movies | Comedy

This show is funny and I thought it wouldn’t be so it caught me by surprise

F is for Family imageF is for Family image

F is for Family

Shows | Comedy

Super funny, super raunchy, absolutely love! I watch this with all my friends and we laugh forever

Big Mouth imageBig Mouth image

Big Mouth

Shows | Animation

It’s such a cute movie!! I really loved it and it wasn’t too cheesy or anything. Just wholesome

We Can Be Heroes imageWe Can Be Heroes image

We Can Be Heroes

Movies | Action

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