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It has been done right it, has been done with a genuine love for Elvis and all the things he has done for music and the world. I am beyond proud and moved at what's happening for Elvis. Austin Butler channeled and embodied Elvis’s personality, his mannerisms and his voice. Austin nailed it. There are some inaccuracies in the film but no movie about a celebrity will ever be 100% accurate.

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I truly loved this film and it was made with so much love for Lucy and Desi. I enjoyed hearing the audiotapes and them telling their stories and it felt they were talking to us. My heart broke for Desi not being able to find happiness after what he and his family went through in Cuba. I cried throughout the whole film but I especially cried when they talked about Desi's passing. I highly recommend this film and I also recommend to have tissues nearby because you will cry.

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Lucy and Desi

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