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I really enjoyed reading my first graphic novel! Maia talks about eir journey to being non-binary and asexual, the graphics alone were amazing. This is a really good book to help folks reflect and or think about gender and sexuality. Specifically the nuances that come with being non-binary, especially trans and queer folks. This book to help me a lot and for me in many ways, overall I would recommend!

Gender Queer: A Memoir imageGender Queer: A Memoir image

Gender Queer: A Memoir

Books | Maia Kobabe

I feel I don’t have the words to accurately portray how good this piece of work is. Cupboard really gives us the tools and little steps of how and why abolition/transformative justice/organizing works. This book really made me think about my own politic and how I show up/do the work. It also made me deeply think about what abolition is and what it means/looks like to me. This is a book that I definitely will come back to and reread. 

We Do This Til We Free Us imageWe Do This Til We Free Us image

We Do This Til We Free Us

Books | Mariame Kaba

Jones’ writing style is intoxicating. This memoir is quite literally a page turner, I found myself trying to pace myself because I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The way he included his poetry in the book was perfect. It is beautifully written. I am saddened that I finished the book but also very grateful that I have had the pleasure to read this book. Good is an understatement. If you enjoy memories I just want to get re-please add this your list!! #lgbtq

How We Fight for Our Lives imageHow We Fight for Our Lives image

How We Fight for Our Lives

Books | Saeed Jones

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