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Kim Kinney Kennedy



Excellent classic sci-fi. A great addition to the genre.

The Thing from Another World imageThe Thing from Another World image

The Thing from Another World

Movies | Horror

The perfect Avengers Movie

Iron Man imageIron Man image

Iron Man

Movies | Action

If you like Michael Critten, this movie follows the book very closely. A very believable concept. Ahead of its time.

The Andromeda Strain imageThe Andromeda Strain image

The Andromeda Strain

Movies | Science Fiction

Who knew that the Danes made awesome sci-fi movies? Watch this movie, and you will see that it is great B movie fun. As good as anything put out bythe Japanese or US studios of the same era

Reptilicus imageReptilicus image


Movies | Horror

Not the best of the monster B movie, drive-in movies. But still fun. If you like this sort of thing.

The Giant Gila Monster imageThe Giant Gila Monster image

The Giant Gila Monster

Movies | Horror

This one has it all! Giant rubber monsters, awesome models, spaceships, aliens, a wisecracking American astronaut who spews movie lines from Bogart to Cagney, An alien planet trying to take over the earth. Gotta love it!!

Invasion of Astro-Monster imageInvasion of Astro-Monster image

Invasion of Astro-Monster

Movies | Romance

Super cheesy 1960's sci-fi. Fun models and "special effects"

When Worlds Collide imageWhen Worlds Collide image

When Worlds Collide

Movies | Science Fiction

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