Very interesting storyline. The writing style is fantastic as well. I was pulled into the story immediately, this book is fast paced and exciting, and had me locked in, unable to put it down until it was over. The ending left me unsatisfied in the best way, knowing there is another book in the series to devour.

The Darkest Minds imageThe Darkest Minds image

The Darkest Minds

Books | Alexandra Bracken

I enjoy reading dystopian genre books that could feasibly happen. I also love Margaret Atwood's writing style. She has a way of pulling you directly into the story. In this story I am able to feel the fear, loss, rage... every emotion and viewpoint is so easy to understand. I've experienced this book through reading, listening and watching, and all three many times over. Hands down one of my top 3 books.

The Handmaid's Tale imageThe Handmaid's Tale image

The Handmaid's Tale

Books | Margaret Atwood

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