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Kristin Johnson



Kirby talks Bible knowledge with such a great heart posture and intelligence. Her podcast sincerely helps me in my relationship with the Lord!

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Bought + Beloved with Kirby Minnick

Podcasts | Christianity

Very quick read. It’s cute. Great for a break from larger works or series. It was more of a mystery than what I was expecting.

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Pushing Perfect

Books | Michelle Falkoff

This book is absolutely amazing. I resonated with it so much. I think if anyone took it for face value, they might think it doesn’t make any sense and take it literally. In a way it is literal but in other ways it’s not. I don’t know if any of that makes sense lol, but it’s very true to certain mental illnesses. The author says she has PTSD, Anxiety disorder, a dissociative disorder, and clinical depression. So very well done and accurate!

How It Feels to Float imageHow It Feels to Float image

How It Feels to Float

Books | Helena Fox

It was good. I read it in a day. I resonated with her so much in certain religious aspects that I tears up while reading. Beautifully and interestingly written.

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The Poet X

Books | Elizabeth Acevedo

This book man. It’s so poetic. It’s so relatable. It’s a really quick read but handles such a heavy, delicate, and vulnerable subject matter in the most sensitive and thought provoking way. Utterly and astonishingly beautiful. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone, especially if you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health or suicidal thoughts. It could potentially be triggering, but I think it’s amazing and worth trying!

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The Midnight Library

Books | Matt Haig

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