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Horror lover! Always open to new recommendations. Feel free to ask questions about any of the movies I have liked!


A very tasteful comedy horror. It wasn't dumb like most comedy horrors. It kept me interested the entire time and I never knew where the plot was going. Very good.

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Movies | Comedy

Very Stephen King esque (go figure)! I really enjoyed this movie a lot more than I thought I would. I didn't enjoy the CGI moments, but overall I'd recommend it to a friend.

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The Black Phone

Movies | Horror

Very different from anything else I've seen. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Movies | Science Fiction

Good if you're not into really scary movies. The idea behind it is different than what I've seen before and I enjoyed the humor!

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Movies | Horror

It's a Classic! It's even a little spooky now in 2022 :)

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The Omen

Movies | Horror

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