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I love the leads. Already one of my favorite actors and actresses. So together, it was just really great.

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The Spectacular Now

Movies | Comedy

This was a great movie! If you like the band it might teach you a thing or two about their uprising and their unique sound/style. I didnt fact check everything but it seems pretty accurate to me.

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Bohemian Rhapsody

Movies | Drama

I am actually still currently watching it. It is more documentary style, not really like a show or series, so to me the episodes dont really stand out, judt get more knowledge and details of everything the further you get into it. I will say the first episode or two interested me and I almost feel like my interest has peaked after just the first episode or two. Everything is becoming kind of predictable and monotonous now. Typical snags you can expect in investigations and such with documentarie

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The Ripper

Shows | Documentary

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