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I LOVE this movie!! You get to the edge of your seat and then a plot twist leaves you jaw-dropped. 100% one of my all-time favs!!!

47 Meters Down image47 Meters Down image

47 Meters Down

Movies | Drama

My entire family love this show! Hahaha

Impractical Jokers imageImpractical Jokers image

Impractical Jokers

Shows | Comedy

It's a good show, but there were some plot holes. Overall I'd rate it 3/5

The A List imageThe A List image

The A List

Shows | Drama

This book is a wholesome laid back read for any curious readers. It's not a page-turner or anything, but it's a great book for sitting down for a couple hours. #animals #marine_life #emotions_and_feelings

The Thing About Jellyfish imageThe Thing About Jellyfish image

The Thing About Jellyfish

Books | Ali Benjamin

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