Imaro is so much more than a black Conan the Barbarian. It's an utter shame that author Charles Saunders and these stories did not get the recognition they deserved in the 70s. Mr. Saunders has created a rich and vibrant world drawing on various African cultures and mythologies, and these stories are easily the equal of anything written by the like of Robert E. Howard and Michael Moorcock.

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Books | Charles Saunders

Great horror fiction, and eldritch enough to scratch that H.P. Lovecraft itch if you like Cosmic Horror but can only handle Lovecraft's racist bile and vitriol in small doses.

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Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe

Books | Thomas Ligotti

I just got done reading this for the first time since my middle school days. Despite the (totally unfair) hate Drizzt gets in the Dungeons and Dragons circles for the legions of clones and imitators everyone has played at least once, this holds up pretty well. Not perfect by any means, but thoroughly enjoyable. I'm excited to revisit the other other entries in this starting trilogy as well as the other volumes I missed out on.

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Books | R.A. Salvatore

Cu-Chulain is equal parts Achilles and the Incredible Hulk and 100% bad ass. Now that I've gotten your attention, this is definitely a must read for anyone with an interest in Heroic Mytholgy in the vein of The Iliad and Beowulf. Though highly exaggerated almost to the point if cartoonishness, it's also a good look into the culture of Celtic Ireland if that piquesbyour interest.

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The Tain


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