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LArry Jones



If you liked Saw, you will love the first Cube movie. It adds a more conplex side to the traps and a vagueness to who is really in charge.

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Movies | Thriller

Feelings of dread and loneliness. The zombies are aggressive and the score is memorable. Must watch for zombie fans.

Day of the Dead imageDay of the Dead image

Day of the Dead

Movies | Horror

Vagueness and exaggeration are combined in this recounting of Henry and Otis's spree.

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer imageHenry: Portrait of a Serial Killer image

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Movies | Crime

Classic novel, it gets under your skin with gruesome ease.

Pet Sematary imagePet Sematary image

Pet Sematary

Books | Stephen King

Pennywise permeates the pages, it's an amazing and horrific ride.

It imageIt image


Books | Stephen King

I love this one, some scenes might scare small children.

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Santa Claus

Movies | Drama

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