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I’m mad I didn’t watch this sooner!! It’s right up my alley. Brendan Fraser and Adam Sandler are SO cute in this! Great cast and made me laugh. 7/10

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Movies | Comedy

Mark Ruffalo is so cute! This movie kept me engaged the whole time. Some moments had me shook. Overall I enjoyed it, 7/10

Rumor Has It... imageRumor Has It... image

Rumor Has It...

Movies | Comedy

Amazing. I’ve seen it 4 times in the past 24 hours because I just can’t get enough of it. Makes me laugh and cry. Incredible cast. Jude law is so fine

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Movies | Drama

This movie is awesome. 10/10 IMO, it has everything I could ever want in a movie

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Pacific Rim

Movies | Action

Great movie! Super quoteable and re watchable. Great cast, so funny. Always puts me in a good mood

Pitch Perfect imagePitch Perfect image

Pitch Perfect

Movies | Comedy

Cute! Good cast, engaging story. Could’ve been perfect if someone ended up with Ethan 😪

Something Borrowed imageSomething Borrowed image

Something Borrowed

Movies | Comedy

I think this is my favorite twilight movie. But I’m biased bc Im team Jacob ❤️ Bella is so dumb

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Movies | Adventure

Hilarious, a classic with a great cast. Super quotable. Super rewatchable. This is in my top 3

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Movies | Comedy

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