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Quite enjoyable. Bit of a flip on the traditional misunderstood male royal ruler. From a "cold" queen's perspective.

A King So Cold imageA King So Cold image

A King So Cold

Books | Ella Fields

I feel like this started out strong...but then just too much happened to quickly. And how in the world the main character didn't know what was going on was just laughable

King of Battle and Blood imageKing of Battle and Blood image

King of Battle and Blood

Books | Scarlett St. Clair

Very violent! But also, gotta know what happens next...sort of hunger games, meets orange is the new black, plus fae!

Savage Lands imageSavage Lands image

Savage Lands

Books | Stacey Marie Brown

Amazing read. Very parallel to her other series, but just adore Ash so much that I am totally fine with it...need next book now!!!

A Shadow in the Ember imageA Shadow in the Ember image

A Shadow in the Ember

Books | Jennifer L. Armentrout

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