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I once read this book of hers and I did laugh!! However, I dont currently have this book but had it before I became disabled on January 17, 2019. Her book was funny but I would like to read funnier books than this.

Bossypants (Enhanced Edition) imageBossypants (Enhanced Edition) image

Bossypants (Enhanced Edition)

Books | Tina Fey

I only saw the trail of it but from what Ive seen, being strong, able to listen, watch the movie, get to know on what to do next is important. I plan to watch the full movie of it and I like Ryan Phillippe. Good actor to work in this movie. Keep at it!!!

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Big Sky

Shows | Drama

I havent read this book yet but I do have this book. I intend to read more about her and her life of what she's been doing lately. The book is strong, easy to read and time to look at it more. More books of her, the better.

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The Meaning of Mariah Carey

Books | Mariah Carey

I read an interview about his book and he is a great actor. As a dad, husband, friend, parent and acquaintance, he is winning in the book writing business just as well as his ability as an actor

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Books | Matthew McConaughey

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