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Remember watching this growing up and liking it. Find it kind of funny upon a rewatch letting it play in the background and think it was an interesting way to introduce these iconic characters to a new generation.

The Looney Tunes Show imageThe Looney Tunes Show image

The Looney Tunes Show

Shows | Animation

What can I say, it’s awesome haha.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air imageThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air image

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Shows | Comedy

Only watched this show because it was recommended to me by family but after watching the first season can say it’s a very good watch especially after the first few episodes.

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Shows | Comedy

As lost as the plot of Lost is, I still find the character work done in the first couple seasons to be top notch. Definitely a capsule of its time, as many things of the show don’t hold up under the scrutiny of today’s lens. And as always I find the plot in later seasons to be absolutely ridiculous and aimless. But it’s worth a watch for the first 2 seasons alone as they are some of my favorite television moments from when I was growing up. Sometimes I rewatch it but stop at the end of season 3.

Lost imageLost image


Shows | Action & Adventure

Absolutely love this show and wish it got more seasons.

Hannibal imageHannibal image


Shows | Drama

Loved the first season and found it blended drama with dark comedy very well together. Starting the second season, I’m not enjoying it as much. Finding a lot of the characters more unlikeable than in the first season. Almost as if they multiplied the rudeness of all characters up by 3, making them loveable assholes, to just assholes even to the core cast. Hoping it improves as the season progresses, but regardless I’d still recommend the show as a whole.

DAVE imageDAVE image



The Office meets vampires. This documentary style comedy has a lot to enjoy if you are a fan of that style of tv, as it makes fun of standard vampire tropes often.

What We Do in the Shadows imageWhat We Do in the Shadows image

What We Do in the Shadows

Shows | Comedy

The Office meets Brooklyn Nine-Nine in this documentary styled comedy. Honors both shows while also giving us new and interesting characters and scenarios. If you like The Office or shows similar to it, there is a lot to enjoy here. It’s The Office but in a corporate owned Superstore.

Superstore imageSuperstore image


Shows | Comedy

Still on the first season but after getting passed the initial episodes which move rather slowly I’ve been finding it a rather enjoyable and watch.

You imageYou image


Shows | Crime

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