Leigh Ann Kramer



This book kept me guessing what would happen next. It’s a great thriller!

The Last Word imageThe Last Word image

The Last Word

Books | Taylor Adams

I loved this book! It kept me in suspense and had a great mix of paranormal and mystery. I will definitely read more of Riley Sanger’s books!

Home Before Dark imageHome Before Dark image

Home Before Dark

Books | Riley Sager

Great storyline, characters are well developed and some suspense as well.

The Circus Train imageThe Circus Train image

The Circus Train

Books | Amita Parikh

This book grabbed my attention from the first page to the last. Suspenseful and a great book if you like a good mystery with a little paranormal mixed in.

The London Seance Society imageThe London Seance Society image

The London Seance Society

Books | Sarah Penner

This book had my attention from page one. I liked the short chapters too. Definitely worth reading!

Then She Was Gone imageThen She Was Gone image

Then She Was Gone

Books | Lisa Jewell

This book really started out slow and I had a hard time staying interested until the last half of the book. It then became very suspenseful and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen!

The Hunting Party imageThe Hunting Party image

The Hunting Party

Books | Lucy Foley

This book had me hooked in the first few pages and kept me interested throughout the whole thing. If you like a mystery with a plot twist, you’ll like this book!

What Lies in the Woods imageWhat Lies in the Woods image

What Lies in the Woods

Books | Kate Alice Marshall

Well developed characters, interesting storyline. Kept me reading to see what would happen next!

The Museum of Extraordinary Things imageThe Museum of Extraordinary Things image

The Museum of Extraordinary Things

Books | Alice Hoffman

Kirsten Weiss is one of my favorite authors. Her mysteries have a lot of humor and are fun to read. Her characters are so well developed you literally feel like you know them. If you want a mystery with so humor included, check out any of her books.

Pies before Guys imagePies before Guys image

Pies before Guys

Books | Kirsten Weiss

I wasn’t sure what to think about this book at first, but the more I read the more I wanted to keep reading. I’m glad I did!

Never Have I Ever imageNever Have I Ever image

Never Have I Ever

Books | Joshilyn Jackson

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