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MHA is an amazing show great if you just starting to watch anime or if youve watched a ton of it. I finished it within 2 weeks of starting it and there's a new season coming soon so it's a show that's still going on which is awesome! The plot is great the characters are really well thought out and some of them have a real lot of depth to them. I cannot express how much I recommend watching this show and it's a great fandom to get into too ♥️♥️

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My Hero Academia

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I absolutely loved this show! I found that the plot of this and the plot of Brooklyn 99 was similar so if you like one you'll like the other. Lots of great stupid humor and great twists ☺️ Definitely a great ending too #comedy

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WATCH IT! It's amazing and funny and a great comfort movie ❤️#comedy #animation

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Amazing movie and ofc David Bowie is just 🤌chefs kiss🤌

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