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The books that started it all. They made me into the reader and activist I am today.

Harry Potter imageHarry Potter image

Harry Potter

Books | J. K. Rowling

It was less fantasy then I had originally expected, however it was still a good mystery with a surprising twist.

The Last Daughter of York imageThe Last Daughter of York image

The Last Daughter of York

Books | Nicola Cornick

Loved it, written by true historians. They do not show information about the era in your face for the sake of including a historic fact which so many non-historians do. This book captures a historic moment from such a strong female perspective. You will learn a lot while truly feeling for American women who have come before.

America's First Daughter imageAmerica's First Daughter image

America's First Daughter

Books | Stephanie Dray

We know this tale, but we do not know it like this. There are moments when you hate the characters and moments you love them. This reveals their true human nature throughout.

Daughters of Sparta imageDaughters of Sparta image

Daughters of Sparta

Books | Claire Heywood

Another fantastic retelling of mythology. This one is interesting as it is a story I had not known, but the characters are full and strong. Would recommend.

The Witch's Heart imageThe Witch's Heart image

The Witch's Heart

Books | Genevieve Gornichec

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