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i loved the first movie in this series, and wasn’t at all disappointed with the second one!! the characters are so easy to love, the story was interesting and captivating, and the whole universe is so easy to fall into and feel connected to. it was a perfect and satisfying sequel to the first movie, and i certainly hope there’ll be another one!

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Enola Holmes 2

Movies | Mystery

this is one of the first scary movies i’ve ever seen, and i enjoyed it! sometimes the story dragged a little, but i was on the edge of my seat and preparing diligently for jump scares. the ending was both predictable and a twist, which was pretty interesting, and i enjoyed watching the film!

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Movies | Crime

i think this is one of my new favourite movies — the characters were impeccable, the plot was intriguing and well thought out, and the ending was both shocking and satisfying. for someone just getting into the ‘whodunnit’ genre, this was a fantastic watch that i’ll definitely be watching again sometime!! highly recommend.

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Knives Out

Movies | Mystery

while i was excited to watch this movie, i had no idea how much i’d love it. the characters were fantastic, the story was moving and while slow paced, captivating, and the ending left me feeling like i wanted more. it was like watching an entire series of a TV show and realizing there’s not another episode — in the best way. the movie was funny, clever, real, and so entertaining to watch. i was invested in the characters, and might’ve cried at the end. i definitely recommend giving it a watch!!

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Our Ladies

Movies | Comedy

i LOVED this movie. the colours, the cinematography, the cast, and the plot — all of it made for a hilarious, intriguing, and captivating watch. the characters were so fun to watch, the plot was easy to follow and yet SO detailed and interesting, and the whole movie felt bright and exciting to watch. not to mention the soundtrack, which I adored — overall this is the sort of thing I’ll rewatch in a few months when I want something familiar. Totally recommend :)

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Do Revenge

Movies | Comedy

if you’re looking at this movie from a satire point of view, it’s HILARIOUS. velma’s helplessness when she’s without her glasses, the dumb decisions made by characters — it’s like someone took the cartoon and brought it to life without changing a thing. the ending was surprising and completely unexpected, and with the exception of a few unnecessary fart jokes, i actually enjoyed how perfectly stupid this movie was. as someone who grew up watching scooby-doo, i wasn’t disappointed (however, if you’re looking for a serious, well-done movie, this isn’t the one for you!!)

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Movies | Mystery

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