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24 // books are my entire personality at this point


BookTok strikes again. This time directly from the author himself. I regret nothing though. It was rushed and you can tell the author is new, but overall it was just a really fun time. I fell in love with all the characters, certain aspects of the world are really original and interesting, and I can definitely see the author’s potential. I can’t wait to see him improve with each book!

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Cloaked in Shadow

Books | Ben Alderson

You ever read a book and then immediately forget that you read it? Well that’s how it went with this one. Apparently I read this last year, forgot, and then got halfway through it last week and realized it was a re-read. I guess that gives you an indication of how memorable this book is… Objectively it was good, it was just nothing spectacular. I feel like it was missing something and the whole time I was waiting for *something* to happen… Still read it though. It wasn’t a BAD book by any means.

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Wicked Fox

Books | Kat Cho

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