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Llama Drama



I like it alot more then the first manga because of the drama but this manga will definitelyyyy make you a bit mad, I know I am.

Fangirl, Vol. 2 imageFangirl, Vol. 2 image

Fangirl, Vol. 2

Books | Rainbow Rowell

I can tell how much effort she put into this book. I can only imagine how much relief she must feel getting to write about things that truly have impacted her while growing up and not have to keep it to herself anymore but instead share her struggles with the world. This book talks alot about mental abuse and her life being practically forced into child acting. This book was so good 10/10, Jennette truly is an amazing writer ❤️ 🙌

I'm Glad My Mom Died imageI'm Glad My Mom Died image

I'm Glad My Mom Died

Books | Jennette McCurdy

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