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Lorelei Boamorte



SUCH A CUTE LOVE STORY! Probably my top 10 favorite romances of all time. A great perspective of loving someone neuro-divergent. Decent action, compelling narration, and lots of very sweet moments mixed in with a sad situation.

The Reckless Oath We Made imageThe Reckless Oath We Made image

The Reckless Oath We Made

Books | Bryn Greenwood

Holy cow, this book is sad. You sort of root against all of the characters most of the time. A very satisfying ending, but still so freaking sad.

The Familiar Dark imageThe Familiar Dark image

The Familiar Dark

Books | Amy Engel

SO GOOD! I hope there will be a sequel. I'm not a fan of magic books for the most part because they don't make sense or have stupid plot holes. This one has a main character who has the same "WTF" energy about magic in her life. Great twists and mystery. I hope there is a sequel at some point!

Ninth House imageNinth House image

Ninth House

Books | Leigh Bardugo

Super fun read! Cute romance with decent buildup. Great reveal of the villain at the end.

Five Midnights imageFive Midnights image

Five Midnights

Books | Ann Dávila Cardinal

I finished this in one day. A very unexpected ending, with pretty good resolution. There are a few major plot holes, but still a fun weekend read.

Hunting November imageHunting November image

Hunting November

Books | Adriana Mather

Super fun mystery! Quick read with interesting world building.

Killing November imageKilling November image

Killing November

Books | Adriana Mather

Great world building and an interesting premise. I read it with my husband and we still have regular discussions about it a year later.

The Book of M imageThe Book of M image

The Book of M

Books | Peng Shepherd

So good! A twisted love story with an unreliable narrator. A shocking ending I never guessed in a million years. I'll be reading it again soon.

Hunting Annabelle imageHunting Annabelle image

Hunting Annabelle

Books | Wendy Heard

Amazing! A great read for people who enjoy an artsy/alternative underground scene. Great ending with a bit of a cliff hanger.

She's Too Pretty to Burn imageShe's Too Pretty to Burn image

She's Too Pretty to Burn

Books | Wendy Heard

I finished it in one day! A bit predictable but still kept me on the edge of my seat.

The Companion imageThe Companion image

The Companion

Books | Katie Alender

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