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I like that they pay homage to the original show, with the passing of Dean Stockwell (Al) and mention that Dr. Sam Beckett never came back. Maybe Dr. Ben Song can find him, but even Ben is having problems coming back.

Quantum Leap imageQuantum Leap image

Quantum Leap

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

I have to catch up on La Brea and the new Quantum Leap, and of course The Walking Dead. AMC+ lets me watch those early, so I've already seen this Sunday's episode. I can't wait to see the one after that, and then we're almost down to the end...

La Brea imageLa Brea image

La Brea


Excellent indie film. Martial Arts meets The Exorcist. Lots of action, scares, and entertainment for everybody. One of my favorite new movies. Available on Tubi.

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Demon Fighter

Movies | Horror

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