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⟟ finished this book in a day, ⟟ could not put it down!! the plot twists were incredible, the chemistry between wendy and hook were crazy! had me sobbing for ru and wendy. the 🌶️ had me sitting up w my book 2 inches away from my face. 5/5 would read again!

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Books | Emily McIntire

idk how to feel about this book. yes, ⟟ liked it but it didn’t really spark my interest. ⟟ did love the relationship tillie and madison had though & the plot! 3/5

Missing Dead Girls imageMissing Dead Girls image

Missing Dead Girls

Books | Sara Walters

absolutely loved this. it was short & fast. the characters were absolutely amazing and well written. it helped me out of my slump!

Finding Cinderella imageFinding Cinderella image

Finding Cinderella

Books | Colleen Hoover

OH MY GOD??? ⟟ was not expecting the things ⟟ felt when ⟟ read this book. nate hawkins & all his friends had me on â chokehold. they RAISED the bar higher for everyone. don’t even get me STARTED on lola, loved their friendship and her relationship with robbie. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 would read again!!

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Books | Hannah Grace

though ⟟ actually loved this book, the dialogue was what made me lose interest. ⟟ absolutely LOVED the characters and the drama. the ending had me tearing up but also intrigued. 4.5/5!!

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If We Were Villains

Books | M. L. Rio

this book had some funny moments & amazing characters— but the long chapters made me very unmotivated to want to finish the book (wanted to DNF but decided to push through it). not to mention some parts of the book was very boring & didn’t keep me focused on the story at all. 3.5/5

Red, White & Royal Blue: Collector's Edition imageRed, White & Royal Blue: Collector's Edition image

Red, White & Royal Blue: Collector's Edition

Books | Casey McQuiston

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