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At first, I was worried because the couple did not seem to have any chemistry, but this was intentional because it was a very rushed union. Iris and Richard ended up having an incredible amount of chemistry and I really enjoyed the more intimate parts of their book. It also forced me to keep reading because I wanted to know the secret so bad! I will say, portrayal of Richard’s sisters really rubbed me the wrong way, but it all worked out. Overall, I enjoyed this book.

The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy imageThe Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy image

The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy

Books | Julia Quinn

This was a nice entry into the Smythe-Smith series. It had the classic “brother’s best friend” trope, which I enjoy. Marcus does spend a decent chunk of the book sick and being nursed back to health by Honoria, so if that is a plot point that you really enjoy in a book, then this book is perfect for you! That is not my favorite thing, but I was able to appreciate the story even so.

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Just Like Heaven

Books | Julia Quinn

They have almost a “love at first sight” thing happening, which is really the only thing that could be paired with such a deep background and plot with the love story. Both characters have very dangerous people from their past that are threatening their current lives and getting in the way of their happiness. It is a beautiful read, could not recommend it more.

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A Night Like This

Books | Julia Quinn

I loved that she chose to dig deeper into the character of Hugh Prentice. It was so interesting to get to know him. I also enjoyed that because of his injury, he is not the typical male protagonist, but he did not leave us unfulfilled. A fantastic example of the enemies to lovers trope, which the Smythe-Smith Quartet Series had not seen yet. I also loved the character, Sarah, who is so unbelievably strong. She is my new role model for sure.

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The Sum of All Kisses

Books | Julia Quinn

I loved the romance on a ship. The writing was a little cheesy at the end, with the meaning and the lesson she learned, but I didn’t mind it too bad. Really great read.



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