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OMG! I LOVED THIS MOVIE!! I personally liked it a lot more than the first Suicide Squad that was made. There was a lot more comedy in it and it was overall a good movie. I liked how they had original characters from the 1st suicide squad too! A must watch!!

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The Suicide Squad

Movies | Action

It's the perfect film between romance and thriller! It's such a good movie I've cried every time I've watched it. Definitely a good date night movie!

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Safe Haven

Movies | Romance

Such a good thriller movie. I like how it wasn't as silent as the first movie and there was more talking. I personally liked this movie over the 1st part, but they're both really great thriller movies! I'd watch this again!

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A Quiet Place Part II

Movies | Drama

Helen Mirren definitely portrays Sarah Winchester beautifully in this movie. Since this movie is based off of the true story I think is what pulled me in the most. It's definitely a thriller and there's a few jumps but overall I think it's a fantastic movie. You don't even have to research or know the actual story to understand what's going on. Definitely worth the watch to me.

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Movies | Fantasy

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