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Book-nerd and horror/thriller fanatic...among some other likes, obviously...and yes, my main man is Mr. Depp.. 😉


Yet again, Karen McManus did NOT let down with this book, just like with all her other amazing stories. Couldn't put this down and read it within a day. Definitely would recommend not just this book, but ALLLLL OF this author's books! Especially if you're a fan of murder mystery/thriller stories

Two Can Keep a Secret imageTwo Can Keep a Secret image

Two Can Keep a Secret

Books | Karen M. McManus

LOVEDDD this book. Couldn't put it down. I'm a huge horror fan so i loved that it took place on Halloween night and had a slasher like theme to it. The plot was great, with so many twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat while I was reading. One murder mystery that really had me guessing the whole time who exactly could be the killer. The ending was mind blowing, something I was NOT expecting, but in a good way. Author did a phenomenal job with this story and I have already recommended to a few friends to read

How to Survive Your Murder imageHow to Survive Your Murder image

How to Survive Your Murder

Books | Danielle Valentine

Pretty good murder mystery/thriller. Would recommend to others. The ending definitely was a mind-blower. I normally have the killer figured out before the ending and I thought I did with this book, but I was mistaken. I like surprises like that though so I enjoyed the read!

This Is Why We Lie imageThis Is Why We Lie image

This Is Why We Lie

Books | Gabriella Lepore

Never read a story quite like this before. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to others! Had some humor along with romance and adventure in it

Off the Page imageOff the Page image

Off the Page

Books | Jodi Picoult

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