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I spend way too much time criticizing movies and finding plot holes now people don’t like watching with me anymore


Love the writing and animation. The morale conflict that has you not sure on which side to be on. Do two wrongs make a right? This show was and still is one of my favorite animes.

Death Note imageDeath Note image

Death Note

Shows | Animation

Some may think that this was a sad money grab from fox and they would be correct but that doesnt mean I didnt enjoy this show. Originally Cleveland Brown was a monotone, calm and even boring character in family guy but soon developed his own personality and sort of became the token black guy when a joke required it. Even his son was changed from skinny hyperactive kid to a quiet, geeky fat kid for the sake of comedy. Honestly if you like family guy youll like this show too.

The Cleveland Show imageThe Cleveland Show image

The Cleveland Show

Shows | Animation

Where it all started. This is was originally inspired by a famous chinese novel “Journey To The West”, but became so much more. Goku the main protagonist goes on an adventure to find the mysitic 7 dragon balls and makes some great friends and some not so great enemies along the way. A good mix of action and comedy and even sad moments. This work from Akira Toriyama, influenced many manga artists for generations to come!

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Dragon Ball

Shows | Comedy

Feel good family movie with enough funny and sweet moments for everybody to enjoy.

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The Croods

Movies | Action

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