Definitely recommend. This documentary shows exactly how natural talents biggie had. His tough life growing up in New York. It even motivates you and show the true rap culture. The true lyrics of biggie and *** he became to be. 10/10

Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell imageBiggie: I Got a Story to Tell image

Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell

Movies | Documentary

Amazing, if you're a lonely person who binge watches dramas a romance because you cant fint true love in person. Please watch this, highly recommend. It's the most cutest thing ever :,(

Love Alarm imageLove Alarm image

Love Alarm

Shows | Drama

Such a good anime. Unlike other for example Naruto/ Naruto shippuden have a lot of flashbacks. On hunter x hunter each episode has a story to it, always something new. I 100% reccomend it. Best one yet, you fall in love with the characters ! Especially Hisoka haha

Hunter x Hunter imageHunter x Hunter image

Hunter x Hunter

Shows | Action & Adventure

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