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Mariano Arellano



It's a perfect family movie, it's funny, and sad.

My Neighbor Totoro imageMy Neighbor Totoro image

My Neighbor Totoro

Movies | Fantasy

I watched this one a lot when I first left home. I cryed a lot!

Kiki's Delivery Service imageKiki's Delivery Service image

Kiki's Delivery Service

Movies | Animation

What happens when you cross a house and a spider? HOWLS MOVING CASTLE. This movie is about love, sacrifice, friendship. A ridiculous world that will make you cry.

Howl's Moving Castle imageHowl's Moving Castle image

Howl's Moving Castle

Movies | Fantasy

A movie about friendship, and family. And all the better a tsunami rolls in !!!

Ponyo imagePonyo image


Movies | Animation

Love this movie. Such a weird and amazing piece. You won't regret watching this.

Spirited Away imageSpirited Away image

Spirited Away

Movies | Fantasy

Great movie. Friendship, character changes. Also in a beautifuly weird place.

Princess Mononoke imagePrincess Mononoke image

Princess Mononoke

Movies | Adventure

Love this movie it makes me cry everytime. #tearjerkers

Onward imageOnward image


Movies | Adventure

It was not as good as the animated version, but I enjoyed the story again in live action.

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Movies | Adventure

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