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Marissa King



An art student who tries to look at things a little too closely, both metaphorically and literally.


What an incredible movie!! If you're thinking about watching it, just go ahead and watch it. It's not a casual watch, that's for sure. But the acting is so incredible, the fight scenes are amazing and the story is a masterpiece. Do yourself a favor and go watch it!

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The Woman King


Absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful. A real love story.

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Movies | Drama

It was so well put together. I loved the setting and how the writing would change depensing on which character was talking and what was happening to them.

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Wilder Girls

Books | Rory Power

The story was really great and I loved Haley Bennet's and Kelvin Harrison JR's performance. Peter Dinklage had a great sad and lovrstruck face and performance. What really got me was the cinematography. I mean, I've never seen such beautiful shots in a musical before. The movie is just gorgeous.

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