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It’s the Saving Private Ryan of the Pacific Theater. Great story & acting & the action will keep you on the edge of your seat! It’s not surprising that Eastwood was involved.

Hacksaw Ridge imageHacksaw Ridge image

Hacksaw Ridge

Movies | Drama

What’s not to like? The realism provided by R. Lee Irmey in the first 45 minutes infuses the movie with enough juice to get you the whole way, but it continues to dig in even after Irmey is done. Great action, great characters, gritty, drama, action- easily in the top 10 war movies ever & a fantastic soundtrack.

Full Metal Jacket imageFull Metal Jacket image

Full Metal Jacket

Movies | Drama

This is the best of the best as far as WWII movies/mini-series go. It is a fitting tribute to the real Band of Brothers from the 101st. Great storylines, fantastic action, the men from history & their stories draw you in, even between action scenes/episodes. Obviously since it’s Spielberg & Hanks, it’s like Saving Private Ryan x 12 episodes. It is, hands down, the quintessential mini-series to spend 15 hours on!

Band of Brothers imageBand of Brothers image

Band of Brothers

Shows | Drama

I saw this a long time ago, but remembered that I did enjoy it. Bruce Willis did a great job. Good storyline & it kept you into the movie.

Hart's War imageHart's War image

Hart's War

Movies | Drama

It was action packed & not as hokey as I was expecting. The premise isn’t much farther out there than other sci-fi movies like Predator or Aliens either. It had a neat, internal storyline as well, as much as could be developed in a movie that added some personality to it. If you like alien movies, it’s definitely worth a watch.

The Tomorrow War imageThe Tomorrow War image

The Tomorrow War

Movies | Action

It’s a good movie. It’s not an action thriller or packed with drama, but it does keep you interested & it moves well, building to a very heartfelt ending. I liked that it was based on a true story & you saw that created through recounting the struggles they all faced. It’s worth a watch.

Into the White imageInto the White image

Into the White

Movies | Action

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