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Marsha Campbell



Have you seen this movie? 😳How have I never heard of it!? ***Classic thriller in all the good ways***

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Hide and Seek

Movies | Horror

Really enjoyed it. You know that feeling of anticipation you can have during the intro of a movie? Ya! Keeps you engaged the whole time.

Bad Times at the El Royale imageBad Times at the El Royale image

Bad Times at the El Royale

Movies | Thriller

I doubt doctors have this much free-time BUT still a great catalyst by highlighting INSANE &UNFAIR truths. I'm quite psychological and this show offered soooo many new perspectives 🤯. Feels related to Grey's Anatomy.

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New Amsterdam

Shows | Drama

Uuummm! 😬 + OMG. Finally watched "The Boy" lastnight and was NOT disappointed

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The Boy

Movies | Horror


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American Horror Story

Shows | Drama

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