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Mary Knudson



Such a cute story. It takes the really serious problems of racism and discrimination and shows them through the eyes of a little girl. Between the sweet wisdom from her father, and the innocent way she sees the world it really puts the harsh discrimination into perspective. Highly recommend.

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To Kill a Mockingbird

Books | Harper Lee

Brilliant book for anyone who enjoys greek mythology. Stephen Fry takes the stories and tells them in a funny and entertaining way, without changing the myths. His commentary and style are extremely humorous. Audible has the audiobook read by him and it gives it that much more of his brilliant story telling charm and wit. Recommend (warning: as it is accurate to greek mythology it deals with lots of sexuality and innuendos. Be wary with younger listeners.) #greek #mythology #funny

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Brilliant book. Besides the more serious racism problems it addresses it actually has a very fun feel when telling the story. It feels like a group of friends talking around a table. Just as life goes, some parts are very uplifting and others very heartbreaking. If you can get the audio book from Audible I highly recommend reading it that way as it has multiple voices that are all phenomenal, and do a brilliant job of bringing the story to life. Love it.

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The Help

Books | Kathryn Stockett

I've never recommended a book more often to friends and family. A heart warming story about a grumpy old man and what he has been through. Some of the best writing I've read in a long time. I highly recommend. (Warning: deals with things like suicide)

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A Man Called Ove

Books | Fredrik Backman

Very fun series. Similar to Ready Player One but for a slightly younger demographic. Virtual reality video games, hackers, and bounty hunters. Recommend

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Books | Marie Lu

Brilliant book with twists that you genuinely didn't expect or predict. It has a whole universe with it's own mythology and legends. Recommend.

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The Thief

Books | Megan Whalen Turner

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