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I just have to say that I have a love for movies, books and music. I also love HS, really recommend his 1rst album, it’s my favorite of all time. Hope you have a nice day, tpwk <3.


BEST BOOK I’VE EVER READ!! I know there’s a lot of mixed opinions about this book, talking about the ending that they expected something crazier, ‘cause in some way they were already expecting it, either way, for me, I’ve never read a book so fast in my life, it kept me hook all the way, I also enjoyed the reactions I had to it I found it so fun, for me it’s amazing how a book, literal letters can make you feel more scare than a horror movie, it was just an amazing experience for me. 100/10

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It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a movie this good, it has a perfect balance of a good plot, it has romance, comedy, without taking away it’s drama, beautiful story that really leaves you with a lot of learning and new perspectives of life, Tom did an amazing job and being aware about the fact that he actually flew his own plane in some of the scenes made it even better. Loved it, recommend it a lot!!!

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Top Gun: Maverick

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