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A pretty damn good adaption of the book by the same name.

Battle Royale imageBattle Royale image

Battle Royale

Movies | Drama

This was just a lot of fun and a great way for Rocket Jump to display their VFX know how.

Video Game High School imageVideo Game High School image

Video Game High School

Shows | Action & Adventure

Nothing better than watching something to distract you from the crushing knowledge that rich people will ALWAYS dictate what happens to everyone else. Oh… wait.

Squid Game imageSquid Game image

Squid Game

Shows | Drama

Love this one.

Memento imageMemento image


Movies | Mystery

At its very core it’s a story about an escaped criminal kidnapping a young boy but it’s got so much more heart and emotion then you would ever imagine.

A Perfect World imageA Perfect World image

A Perfect World

Movies | Crime

It’s a charming collection of short films that manage to stand the test of time with its physical comedy and heart. One of the masters of silent humor at his finest.

Buster Keaton The Shorts Collection 1917-1923 imageBuster Keaton The Shorts Collection 1917-1923 image

Buster Keaton The Shorts Collection 1917-1923

Movies | Comedy

It’s a solid time travel film with a great twist ending. Stellar performances from a young Brad Pitt & Bruce Willis. Terry Gilliam does not disappoint.

Twelve Monkeys imageTwelve Monkeys image

Twelve Monkeys

Movies | Science Fiction

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