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Lol such a funny movie! This started a chain of other parody movies, that incorporate other big 'blockbuster hits' and parody the story and characters in them. Exaggerating stereotypes and really pushing crude humor. Definitely for mature audiences only, as are the jokes. Favorite character is Brenda, played by Regina Hall, and the protagonist is most (of not all in this franchise) Cindy, played by Anna Faris ❤️😂

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Scary Movie

Movies | Comedy

What an anime! Depending on when you're reading this; it's currently on the final season and it's reaching a conclusion. In between that and the wait; there's also been a full movie about it too! I've seen the first 2 seasons and can't complain. Lots of action, character/world building (as most shows), but the development of plot, characters, and pace of the show is great imo. You'll root for characters and then (allegedly) hate them lol if you know, you know 😂🤷 I'd recommend this to friends.

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Attack on Titan

Shows | Animation

Such an iconic movie from the 2000's lol and with Freddie Prince Jr. and Rachel Leigh Cook ❤️ definitely one for the millennial generation I feel, as I'm a millennial and like this movie lol the story itself; starts off as someone tricking someone to make a "bet", but ends up falling in love with that same person. It's deeper focused on the break away from the two protagonists' 'shells', or restraints, from their own personal lives. Mainly from their social pressures and finding themselves ❤️👍

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She's All That

Movies | Comedy

A pretty 'real' and accurate depiction of what it's like to grow up and question one's sexuality, or even having to conceal it, either from (self) homophobia or other reasons that would result in a negative. The main actor Harris Dickinson was great. He's such a handsome actor and did great in this. Really captured a person from this area and he's British lol a superb actor. Warning of themes that most would not be comfortable with. Definitely for mature audiences. I resonated with this a lot 🔞

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Beach Rats

Movies | Drama

Honestly, thought the cinematography of this movie was IMPECCABLE! Lol The actors, locations, music, and shots are great. Lol Now, there's a 'following' of fans for this movie (specifically, as opposed to the book/story). But that's mainly because of Timothy Chalamet 🍑 Honestly great acting and really loved the performance of the other actors too, especially the 'parent' actors. A lot of nice moments from the story that I'll always remember. A great coming of age and summer movie ❤️ 👍

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Call Me by Your Name

Movies | Romance

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