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Beautifully written/realistic drama on domestic violence and the roller coaster it comes with. Really does pull on your heart strings.

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Shows | Comedy

Interesting concept. Dying people get uploaded into a virtual reality. Not to be taken too seriously. My personal opinion is that it was funny, heartfelt & entertaining !

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Shows | Comedy

Three people from wildly different worlds come together to form a joint venture. Excellent actors, stunningly shot.

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Shows | Crime

Great series in my opinion. Imagine Menace II Society meets Good Fellas. Love how Lil Meech is playing his father.

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Shows | Drama

Good humour, good heist.Not sure why people hate on this movie.

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Army of Thieves

Movies | Action

Intriguing opening episode. Left me wanting more !!

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#Lucyliu I love you 😍 Just finished the first season and it was really enjoyable and well written. Loved the cast.

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Why Women Kill

Shows | Comedy

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