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Megan Lee



I love the show and Summers rebellious attitude! I just wish there were more episodes.

Surviving Summer imageSurviving Summer image

Surviving Summer

Shows | Drama

funny heartwarming show about a girl who goes to a new family to get revenge but ends up a happy ending 1000/10

No Good Nick imageNo Good Nick image

No Good Nick

Shows | Comedy

an amazing movie about let’s say a really big family that’s funny and family friendly for kids

Cheaper by the Dozen imageCheaper by the Dozen image

Cheaper by the Dozen

Movies | Comedy

if you watched the first one I’d say it explains a lot and if you haven’t watch the first one! and if you did watch the first one in my opinion it’s better than the first one. but the movie is about two families rivalry continues.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2 imageCheaper by the Dozen 2 image

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Movies | Comedy

can be sad heartwarming movie and if your a dog lover I recommend

A Dog's Purpose imageA Dog's Purpose image

A Dog's Purpose

Movies | Comedy

An old but a goodie two twins reunion

The Parent Trap imageThe Parent Trap image

The Parent Trap

Movies | Comedy

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