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♥️hi hi! i’m meg (but u can call me whatever) i’ll basically give anything a try, so talk to me any books u love!! <3 ♥️leave whatever kinda hate u have at the door, this is a place of love & acceptance xx 🌈💖


i rly liked this one! it got me out of a HUGE reading slump (thank god) it took me a bit to read just bc of the slump, but i read the last 215ish pages in less than two days, it picked up soo much and i just loved it. while the romance felt weird at first, i did end up loving them. and the end? i was crying in the middle of social studies 💀 i’m glad everything got solved at the end, but i did end up wanting a bit more. over all id give this one 4.5/5, it was a really great read!

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House of Salt and Sorrows

Books | Erin A. Craig

i really enjoyed this! i mean, prestigious ballet school, mystery, and some drama? what could better? i binged it super fast :) the cliffhanger was very very mean tho 😵 there were a few little plot holes, but nothing bad :) def recommend!

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Tiny Pretty Things

Shows | Drama

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