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Meghan Sue Bentley



“A well read woman is a dangerous creature” - Lisa Kleypas 🖤


Loved the book but I feel like the back and forth was a bit overkill… I wish there was more to the ending after reading and waiting for so long but still a good book wonder if the ending may hint to a 2nd book? 🤔

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Beautiful Graves

Books | L J Shen

Love Penelope Douglas! Felt like a get away in Colorado reading this book! Wasn’t sure about the multi love interests at first but loved the ending swoon!! Must read!

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Books | Penelope Douglas

Dark but amazing the plot twists were incredible.. not the Peter Pan story we grew up with but so much better 🖤

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Books | Emily McIntire

Incredible love story with a few plot twists. LOVED the ending!!! 🥰 MUST READ and I can’t wait for Lucian’s book 😆

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Things We Hide from the Light

Books | Lucy Score

It was good, not expected. The plot twists threw me for a loop. Murder mystery/thriller, mental illness, minor romance

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Sharp Objects

Books | Gillian Flynn

Swoon!! Bad boy falls for the good girl 🥰 the plot twists broke my heart and made me binge the whole book in 2 days 🙄 but it was absolutely worth it!! Wondering how the 2nd is related as it gave us closer but I don’t think there will ever be enough Knox Morgan 🥰

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Things We Never Got Over

Books | Lucy Score

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