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It did not overglamourize the work of a smoke jumper/hot shots or the story of these men... It was such an emotional tribute that made me bawl my eyes out like a baby. I watched it with my friend who was a smoke jumper in California at the time, probably what made it a more emotional was seeing how it effected him. These stories are a reality to many who risk their lives, as wild and nuts as they might be... This movie is an homage to that sacrifice and dedication. #tearjerker #emotional #heroes

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Only the Brave

Movies | Drama

Like watching a satirical video game on an acid trip. It was a ridiculous laugh, wouldn't take it too seriously, just enjoy the ride

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Guns Akimbo

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As someone who grew up in foster care, I thought it was a clever way depicting the emotions kids in terrible homes go through. You can hate these adults so much, and yet would be willing to suffer the abhorrent treatment just to stay together out of love for your siblings, and fear to get help because the current foster system can be cold and unforgiving, but the magic of finding those warm loving and genuine foster parents who love you and want you.

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The Willoughbys

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It was an interesting take on "regrets in life" and finding your purpose because one day we're going to die... And are you going to be happy with your life or wish you had done something else with it.

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