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I genuinely enjoyed this book about how the British finally figured out how to play dirty during wartime (during WWII, to be exact). The scope of the book gives a thorough idea of what it took to get secret agents and sabotage up and running- from the mind-blowing (and U-boat-blowing) inventions to the politics to the daredevils behind the scenes and on the ground. My only critique would be the lack of representation of female spies. To rectify this, I highly recommend “A Woman of No Importance”, by Sonia Purnell, to complement this book. Both books read like spy novels and give brilliant insight into the heroes behind the scenes of the war.

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Churchill's Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

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Brandon Sanderson is genuinely skilled at creating intricate magic systems. He really explores those magic systems, always coming up with new ways to manipulate them (this makes the sequels really fun to read). His characters are lovable- I particularly love Vin’s character in this trilogy. Brandon’s storylines are fun and his plot twists are excellent because he tries not to get caught up in common tropes. I can confidently recommend any of his works.

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