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I wanted to write something because I’ve heard mixed feelings on the ending of this book. I LOVE this series and hated to finish it off because I love it so much. And although I see people say that the ending was horrible because of the way she handles it with her family and friends. But I actually think it was a great ending. Jackson includes the little text from Ravi at the end which eases my mind and tells us there is a happy ending. Overall, I love this series and recommend it to everyone.

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As Good as Dead

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My mom began watching this one night when I fell asleep on the couch. I started watching it and got HOOKED. Actually, I bonded with the school nurse one day talking about it. Love Francis but also love Bash who are neck and neck for a bit, then I love Louis but still love the others. I just loved all of the twists the show had and the funny parts. Even tho it’s not historically accurate you can still learn something. One of my guessing words on wordle was dowry recently😂

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I thought this movie was so good! The music was great and I love how they put an original twist onto the story!!

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